A Task is the Risk Owners Action to deal with a specific Recommendation made by the assessor.

It can be made as a preset whilst constructing a Risk Type or made in real time whilst undertaking the assessment with the ability to additional Tasks (See Below) independent of an assessment

The Title of the Task forms the Title of the "Job Card" that is constructed as soon as the assessment is activated and made visible to the Risk Owner.

TypeThe category the risk comes under. A dropdown will give you the options available
StatusThis would de default to begin with
PriorityHigh, Medium & Low are the options available from a dropdown
TitleThis will be the Title used on the Task Job Card
OwnerWho is the Owner of this risk. A dropdown will give you the options available
Description Description of the Risk
LocationLocation of the Risk
StartThe Start date which will present you with the time the task was started as default
DueThe date for the completion of the Task
InviteesWhen clicking on this field a dropdown list of the relevant people will be show that will enable you to choose 1 or more people to deal with the task
[optional] NotesAny further notes that may be needed for the Invitees

The Risk Owner can update this Task by using the Actions Button on the outstanding tasks report which present a form as shown below, The Risk Owner can also delegate the task to an Invitee or give the Task to a New Owner