1. Navigate, using the top navigation bar, to Assessments > Risk Assessments

  2. Click the blue Create button

  3. A Risk Assessment setup form 

TypeChoose from the dropdown list the type of assessment to be carried out. (The default is Fire)
AssessorThe name of FRA (The owner of the assessment)
UnitName Unit to be assessed
Risk TemplateName of Template chosen (e.g. small office) 

4. option to make changes to the question set weighting 

5. Once setup finalised press > Done & Next

6. Review the Risk Information Template (created earlier).

7. Once reviewed press > Done & Next

8. No floor plan go to List All tab

9. If a floorplan has been uploaded it will appear here.

10. Whether using the list all or floorplan you select the question set as required (see below) - if no floorplan questions will appear immediately - if a floorplan is being used questions will appear by pressing on the floorplan location.

11. Example below -  flammable store (which has a significant finding - some smoke detection) 

12. Choose No 

13. Observation tab is presented and should be completed as follows

ObservationThe Observation (Significant finding) description of the risk
LikelihoodChoose from the dropdown list
ConsequenceChoose from a dropdown list
Upload ImagesUpload one or more supporting images
New Answer Buttondefault options Yes, No or N/A -  if another answer e.g. Partly-  create new answer in this section

14. Complete your recommendation - Pre-set recommendations provided. You can add you own recommendation by clicking on New Pre-set Recommendation button.

15. The task section allows risk owners to manage recommendation, adding Priority, Time Frame and Risk Offset (see below). 

Choose High, Medium or Low
Time Frame
1 Day, Week, Month etc
Risk Offset
If there is only 1 Observation (Significant Finding) then by removing this will remove 100% of the risk. If there are 2 Observation this will be 50% per risk etc

16. When you are satisfied with the input press the save button at the bottom of the form.

17. Return to the floorplan page, an icon appears on the floorplan to indicate the risk just assessed.

18. By clicking on the icon you can view or update the risk. Below shows a view of the completed task as it appears on the compleated assessment.

19. You will note each the Image details name of the assessor, dates & times of image uploads and the date and time the Observation update.

20. Repeat the above process to complete all the relevant question sets needed for the assessment