To make your time using Risk Warden more efficient we have provided a Bulk Action Facility for Allocating, DelegatingCompleting Tasks as well as put the same Note on each Task to Invitee's.

1. Check the tasks required and then from the Bulk Action dropdown list choose the Required action.


  1. Navigate, using the top navigation bar, to Tasks 
  2. Click the Actions button
  3. If you are the Owner of the task you will have the option to Update or Delete the Task (the Task cannot be Deleted by any unauthorised user)

4. Click Update you will be presented with the Task Form Click the Green Button Mark as Completed

5. You will then receive that this task has been Completed


1. By choosing the Bulk Complete Process you will be asked to Confirm that you want to complete these tasks.

2. You will then be given the opportunity to ad a note to each of the selected task marked for completion.

3. On clicking the Complete button will complete the process.

4. See how to Restore a Completed Task