1. Navigate, using the top navigation bar, to Customers 

2. Create a new customer with the Create Button

3. Complete the Company form as shown below

TypeLimited Company, Sole Trader, Partnership etc
StatusActive or Pending. For an up and running company this would be Active
[optional] Sector
Choose the sector that they are working in from the drop down list
Display NameThe company Name
[optional] Trading NameThe Company name if different from the above
[optional] LogoUpload their company logo
[optional] Company NumberCompany Number if known
[optional] VAT NumberCompany VAT Number if known
Address 1The first line of the Company address
[optional] Address 2Extra line if needed
Town / City
The Town/City they are located in
County / StateThe County/State they are located in
CountryChoose the Country from a drop down list
[optional] Post CodeAddress Post Code
Admin Email AddressThe Person / Department email address for Company contact.
[optional] WebsiteWebsite if known
Telephone NumberThe Person / Department Telephone number for Company contact.

4. Once the Company has been set up press the Save & Next Step button.

5. The Company Users form will then be displayed.

6. Complete the Company User form as shown below

[optional] TitleChoose the title of the user from the dropdown list
First NameFirst Name of the User
Last Name
Last Name of the User
[optional] Job TitleJob title within their company
User RolesChoose the user role they will have within Risk Warden. 
UsernameProvide a Username. This will be notified to them via email
PasswordProvide a password. This will be notified to them via email and they will need to change it on first login
Email AddressThe users email address 
[optional] Telephone NumberThe Users land line contact details
[optional] Mobile NumberThe Users Mobile contact details
[optional] Contact Typewhether they are general users or accounts staff

7. Once the Users has been set up press the Save button.

8. The Company and its users have now been entered into the Company List

9. Update or Delete the Company through the Actions button to the left of the row.