1. Navigate, using the top navigation bar, to Settings > Users

2. Click the Users

3. Click the blue Create button

4. Complete the form as per the example shown below

Company Namee.g. The Test Centre
[optional]Titlee.g. Mrs 
First Namee.g. Jane
Last Namee.g. Singleton
[optional]Job Titlee.g. Assessor
User RolesChoose from the dropdown list (e.g. Assessor - each role is allocated with set user permissions.)
UsernameIssued by Risk Warden (usually users email address, there is an option to change)
PasswordIssued by Risk Warden (user will be asked to change at first log in)
To view the entered password check the box to the right of the field
Email AddressThe email address of the user e.g. jane@fra-hosting.com
[optional]Telephone NumberLand line number for the user (e.g. Jane Singleton)
[optional]Mobile NumberMobile number for the user (e.g. Jane Singleton)
Contact TypeEither General or Billing (Billing is for Accounts, all other users would enter General)

5. When you have finished, click Save

6. The User [Jane Singleton] is now added to your list of Users