1. Filter Management can be accessed by clicking on thefrom the Accessories Ribbon (The ribbon can be found on most report pages, not all icons are present).

2. Used to filter data, allowing isolation and focus on the data needed, for example the 5 tasks below only contain Arson (the filter is applied leaving only tasks with Arson in the title displayed).


3. By clicking on filter  icon, a box appears with the title Manage Filters

4.  Under Criteria Group AND  - use the dropdown boxes for Title & Contains - in the last box type arson 

    a. The field that contains "Title" is the column used for to search.


    b. The "Contains" filter will search the Title and look for the word (or part of a word) requested (this is not case sensitive)


    Note -  if instead of Arson you type "equals" a full list of risks is available via a dropdown box, allowing multiple selections to be made.

    C, Click on the blue button Apply - all tasks with the word Arson will be highlighted 

5. By saving the search [top right of the form] it will become available from a dropdown on the report form.

6. When blue button Apply or Apply and Save is pressed the form will only contain 1 task with Arson in the title.

7. If the filter was saved it is now just a simple process to reactivate that filter search by clicking the discicon and choose the search required.