The Task Job Card is created automatically when the Assessor Activates the assessment and contains all the information needed to Inform the Risk Owner of what needs to be done to Reduce or Remove a specific risk. It also states who made the Action and the level of risk given with target completion date. 

The Task Job Card will provide the audit trail of who is the Risk Owner plus the invited or delegated users completing the task, their actions and comments, all of which are written to the Risk Assessment (a living document)

Below is an example Task Job Card.

CategoryMoving around buildings & workplaces
Risk LevelMedium Priority
Task TitleRestricted access
Start Date14/05/20 10:22
Due Date21/05/20 10:22
Risk OwnerMartin Stowell
TaskResticting access between different areas
FindingTo maintain social distancing as far as possible.....
Images RequiredIf set to yes then an image is required to show the task in question before and after completion of the task
InviteesColin Simpson
NotesCan you deal with this.....

To complete the task where images are required press the blue images button in the Job Card.

The following dialog box will appear allowing you to upload the before and after images by the respective blue folder button.

Once they have been updated the Job Card is available for completion.