1. Navigate, using the top navigation bar, to Assessments > Risk Assessment

2. Click the Actions button and choose Send Validation 

3. The Validation Request form will be shown and should be completed by selecting the required person in the drop down list (supporting text can added)

4. When completed press the Send Validation Request and a confirmation will be made on screen.

5. The Validator (e.g. Tom Singleton) will receive an email asking him to validate the assessment.

6. The email will give the Validator the ability to:

a. Return the email asking for confirmation on any points

b. View the Risk Assessment (default is read only mode unless assigned access by the risk assessor)

c. Validate this assessment by clicking the Validate button.

7. Alternative option via online version - Approve via the green Validate Button top of the online version allowing options to fully review of the assessment and Validate.

8. When Validated the Risk Assessor will get a confirmation email that the assessment has been Validated.

9. Once Validation of the assessment has been made an additional button is added, this will enable the assessment to be Activated.