1. Navigate, using the top navigation bar, to Assessments > Risk Assessments

  2. Click the blue Create button

  3. A Risk Assessment setup form 

TypeChoose from the dropdown list the type of assessment to be carried out. (eg COVID 19)
AssessorThe name of Assessor (The owner of the assessment)
UnitName of Unit to be assessed
Risk TemplateChoose the name of your sector (e.g. shops and branches) 
Assessment & Reassment Dates
These will be auto filled with the date of creation with a 3 month reassessment (these can be changed)
Question SetsAll are available at the start but any can be disabled by unticking the checkmark at the beginning of the line

4. Leave the assigned weight as the default, unless you have unticked a section then you will need to adjust the weighting of the rest of the sections to bring them to a total of 100%. The TOTAL WEIGHT can be found at the bottom of all the sections.  

5. Once setup finalised press > Done & Next

6. Review the Risk Information. This will ask some basic questions such as the type of building, number of employees and if public are allowed on the premises. This can be completed at anytime by choosing the Step 2: Assessment Information tab as shown in the image below.

7. Once complete press > Done & Next

8. You will the be presented with the screen as shown below

9. Next select the question set as required (see below) - the questions will appear immediately.

10. Example (Meetings)

11. Answer the questions based on your circumstances. 
        The question mark that follows each question will provide a hint on wht this question is refering to. 

        The number next to the each answer indicates that there are 5 preset Actions available. 

12. When you select an answer to a question and presets are present, it should automatically complete the Finding & Actions with the presets available. 

FindingThe Significant finding description of the risk
LikelihoodChoose from the dropdown list
ConsequenceChoose from a dropdown list
Upload ImagesUpload one or more supporting images (optional)

14. Your preset Finding(s) is shown (see below). You can change or add to this finding if needed. The default Finding is the Objective as shown in the Governments Guidance Document

15. Choose from the dropdown the Liklihood and Consequence for this risk from the drop down menu. The risk score will then be presented to you as below. 

16. The Action section allows risk owners to manage the Actions, by adding Priority, Time Frame and Offset (see below). 

Choose High, Medium or Low
Time Frame
1 Day, Week, Month ( Number + Day/Week/Month/Year e.g. 2 weeks)
This field is auto filled at the start and will only need to be updated should you have deleted an Action that has been presented to you within this question. In this case you need to press the Equalise Offsets button, to make sure that once all the actions are completed it will completely reduce the risk of this question. As shown below.
Images RequiredThis can be left as No
Sign Off TemplateThis can be left empty

16. When you are satisfied with the completed Finding and Actions, click the save button at the bottom of the form.

17. You will now be presented with the image as shown below, showing you each category and section which have been completed. You can view each sections finding and action(s) by choosing the view or edit icon as shown at the start of each row. To delete a Finding and Action completely use the red bin icon at the end of each row. 

20. Repeat the above process to complete all the relevant question sets needed for the assessment

21. Once you have completed all the sections, click on the Done & Next to view the assessment summary. From here you can review your assessment, validate and activate the assessment. 

22. Once activated the actions you have specified will automatically be converted into tasks and sent to the person who registered the account.