1. Navigate, using the top navigation bar, to Reports > All Reports
  2. A number of preset reports will be shown that are available to use.

3.  Choose the report to View by clicking on the Title name

4. If you would like to Pin this Report to a Tab in the Reports Window click on the Pinicon

5. The following form will appear on the screen.

6. Any existing tabs will be included within the field (in this case Reports).

7. Click on the field and a dropdown list will appear.

8. Choose the report that you want to create a tab for by scrolling and clicking on the name of the report.

9. A new entry will then be shown as a selection. You can and more tabs by following the same process.

10. If you leave the Make Private blank this tab will be available for all users and if ticked it will be only you that can see this tab.

11. When you have finished, click Save

12. The Report Page will now have a new Tab (as shown below) with a new Outstanding Risk Section. This can be remove by either returning to the Pin icon and deleting from there or as by clicking the x in front of the Tab Title.