1. Navigate, using the top navigation bar, to Assessments > Risk Assessment Template

2. Click the blue Create button

3. Complete the form, example below

4. When the above form is completed the remainder of the template is shown

5. This part of the form has 3 categories


    Fire Hazards & Their Elimination or Control

    Fire Protection Measures

    Management of Fire Safety

6. All categories come with all boxes checked, remove any question sets that are not relevant by unchecking the boxes.

7. The remaining question sets can be weighted to give a greater priority to specific areas of concern. Weighting is especially relevant when multiple assessors are working within an estate, helping to produce a joined up final score.

8. Once weighting has been finalised press the blue button to Save

9. Risk Assessment Template has now been Saved, going forward the saved template will form the basic setup for ALL Small Office Assessments

10. The Action button allows completed templates to be Copied and used as the basis to build other templates or to Update existing templates.