Units are virtual containers holding assessment areas. 

  1. Navigate, using the top navigation bar, to Assessments > Units

  2. Click the blue Create button
  3. Complete the form with the relevant details, as per the example shown below

    Unit fields - using the information above as an example fields are filled out as below

    e.g. The Test Centre
    Blocke.g. 123 Portsmouth Road 
    Default (Default is Fire Risk Assessments)
    Pending, Active or inactive (new units are usually Active)
    e.g. Main Office
    [optional] Description
    more information on the risk area and its use
    [optional] Time between assessments
    e.g.1 Week or 1 Month or 1 Year
    Responsible Person
    e.g. Jane Singleton
    Competent Person
    A competent person for the Unit (e.g. Richard Daily)
    [optional] Description
    e.g. main office with flammable store
    [optional] Image
    Add an image that will go onto the front page of the Risk Assessment report
    [optional Floor plans
    Add floor plans of the unit (can be multiple plans per assessment)

  4. When you have finished, click Save

  5. The Unit that you created is now added to your list of Units

  6. Units can be updated or deleted using the Actions button