Blocks are virtual containers that hold one or more Units. Units are the foundation of the risk assessment process and to which your finding will be mapped against. 

  1. Navigate, using the top navigation bar, to Assessments > Blocks 
  2. Click the blue Create button
  3. Complete the form with the relevant;details, as per the example shown below

    Block fields - using the information above as an example fields are filled out as below

    Risk (Block) Owner - The Test Centre
    Default (default is Fire Risk Assessment)
    123 Portsmouth Road 
    Pending, Active or Inactive (for new blocks its usually Active)
    [optional] Description
    Stand alone office block

  4. To add a Unit, while creating or updating a Block, tick the Units checkbox

  5. When you have finished, click Save

  6. The Block that you created is now added to your list of Blocks (customers sites)

  7. Blocks can be updated or deleted using the Actions button